The partnership between Brentwood Presbyterian Church and the pastoral committee APASUR in Bluefields has taken many forms in the last 21 years. This summer, both groups are recommitting themselves to the partnership, and the tangible results are already clear.

In June, a group of 36 people of all ages traveled to Bluefields to get to know the pastors of the committee, visit schools and churches, and simply share time together. At CEPAD, we believe partnership is more than a one-way transaction of financial support to a community — it’s a commitment to work together for radical transformation of both the physical realities of the two communities and the spirits of all involved. (read more…)


Madeline Lynn, a recent graduate of Ursuline Academy in Dallas, won the grand prize for the 2014 Congressional Art Competition for Representative Pete Session’s district. Her gorgeous image is a composite of photos she took in CEPAD partner community Cañas Blancas last summer during her delegation trip with the Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church youth group.

Madeline’s work will hang in the U.S. Capitol building, and she will attend a reception for winners from around the country this month. Juan, the man in the photo, hosted Madeline in his home when she visited Cañas Blancas. She said she felt inspired by the way he related to his land and animals, which provide his lifeline. (read more…)


Technology has been slow to reach rural areas of Nicaragua. So for five years, CEPAD’s Matagalpa office has provided affordable computer classes to students of all ages.

They can learn skills like word processing, how to use the internet, email, and spreadsheets. There are also advanced classes like computer maintenance. Hundreds of students have taken courses at the center to improve their chances of success in their studies and jobs.

“I couldn’t study computers in high school, and there aren’t any technology jobs in my community El Castillo, so I’m taking the class to be ready for university,” said Hellen Figueroa Escorsi. “ I want to study nursing, and I want to work to be able to help my family.” (read more…)

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